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ZFG 3000

ZFG 3000 | ZORN Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

The Light Weight Deflectometer is used to determine the dynamic deformation modulus Evd [MN/m²] by means of the dynamic plate load test. This provides conclusions on the bearing capacity and compaction quality of soils.

The main field of application for Light Weight Deflectometers is earthworks and traffic route construction. Other areas of application include gardening and landscaping and soil exploration.

The mechanical components of the ZFG 3000 Light Weight Deflectometers are surface-treated and withstand even rough construction site conditions. In addition, we offer compact measuring electronics in a robust case with internal data memory for more than 10,000 measurements, SD card drive and a mega-strong battery for long runtimes. A thermal printer and an integrated GPS receiver (optional) are also included. And if it gets dusty, close the case lid and operate the device conveniently from the outside.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Testing under harsh site conditions with surface-finished mechanical components
  • Testing in confined locations (e.g. bridge underpasses, pipe trenches)
  • Can be used without a loading vehicle or other auxiliary equipment
  • Unique, ergonomic catch handle in triangular design for better handling of the LWD, prevents rolling during transport. The handle is made in one piece, without welded joints that are prone to breakage (We provide a lifetime warranty on this!).
  • Load plate as standard with intelligent adapter spigot to changeover the LWD to a smaller 150 load plate or to dynamic CBR testing (lab and field)
  • Integrated calibration reminder and unique self-test for functional control of the instrument
  • Standard, powerful GPS receiver with coordinates display
  • Backlit graphics display with curve display

  • Integrated quality thermal printer for printouts directly on site

  • Internal memory for approx. 10,000 measurements, simultaneous automatic storage of the determined data on SD card

  • Input of supplementary information (text input on the device)

  • Preloading impacts can be optionally switched off

  • Audible signal for confirmation of valid measurement impacts

  • Integrated plausibility check

  • Very short test duration of two minutes with very easy handling

Made in Germany | All LWD devices are completely manufactured by us in Stendal (Germany). Components and accessories are sourced from first class suppliers mainly in Germany.

The result in just two minutes | Easy handling

The operation of the LWD Light Weight Deflectometer is convenient and simple, as already during the design and development phase great care was taken to automatically exclude incorrect measurements by means of an internal plausibility check. This ensures that even a non-expert can operate the Light Weight Deflectometer properly after a short instruction and perform precise measurements for soil compaction. However, if you have any questions, please feel free to consult the FAQs to find out what the error could be…or give us a call.

The result of a measuring process including settlement curves can be printed out already on site with the integrated mini printer. All results can also be viewed, processed and printed out later via the SD card. With our ZORN FG Software you can view, compare and complete the measurement data and mail it as a finished test report to the office or to the client.

Basic equipment | solid and durable
  • Settlement device incl. SD card slot, SD card, printer and GPS (optional)
  • Bearing plate 300 mm with acceleration sensor and adapter pin (surface finished)
  • Adapter pin is at the same time an interchangeable pin for CBR (lab and field) and a 150 bearing plate
  • 10 kg loading device (Evd 15-70 MN/m²)
  • Optional with 15 kg loading device (Evd 70-140 MN/m²)
  • Calibration record (automatic calibration reminder via the measuring electronics)
  • Confirmed calibration certificate
  • Instruction manual
Evaluation in detail

The evaluation of the measurement results of your LWD 3000 can be carried out directly on the construction site or on the PC in your office.

After completion of each measurement, the result including all measurement curves can be read on the large, backlit display. The data is automatically stored in the internal memory and (!) on the inserted SD card.

With the integrated thermal printer, you can create printouts on site. The printouts show the dynamic deformation module Evd, the measured individual settlements and mean values, the ratio of settlement-to-settlement velocity (s/v), as well as GPS position (GPS module optional with purchase) and the text entry of the measurement location.

Using the SD card, up to 10,000 measurements can be safely stored. The ZORN FG Software enables the individual display of the measurement logs with all detailed information, summary logs and evaluation in a statistical display. Interfaces to various map providers such as Google Maps enable the display of the respective measuring point on a map or in a satellite image.

A documentation of your test is thus safe and at the same time conceivably simple.

Details are displayed
  • Three settlements of the bearing plate with settlement curves and the mean value
  • Three settlement velocities with mean value
  • The s/v value as an indicator of the compactability of the tested soil
  • The deformation modulus Evd as a measure of the compaction quality and for the assessment of the bearing capacity
Resources & Downloads
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